Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello Dolls, I am back! The thing about change is that it can be time consuming but I intend to neglect you no longer. I decided to clean my brushes today and i realized around brush 100 that some of you may not be washing and conditioning your brushes as often as you should or ever. It is essential to both condition your facial brushes for a few reasons including quality of application, hygiene, and basic skin health. Makeup, oils and dead skin on brushes can be the culprit in acne and skin irritations. One of the least expensive ways to wash your brushes is a simple process with olive oil, gentle soap or shampoo and white vinegar. 1-put some olive oil on a rag or tower, wipe your brush bristles in oil then wipe off brush on clean area of towel 2-wash and rub the bristles in the water and gentle soap mixture 3-dip your brush into the vinegar 4- dry brush gently and lay out on a towel to let completely dry before use Easy enough, the brushes end up conditioned,without buildup, clean and clean
smelling and without any chemicals that can irritate skin.