Sunday, November 7, 2010


Inspurbation, it is a word I recently made up so do not try to look it up; however feel free to use it in Scrabble and Boggle if you cheat like I do.
I have had a very interesting few months, they have sadly kept me from writing as much as I enjoy. I will be getting married in two weeks, stop laughing because I am aware that I can be a tad unfit in the eyes of some. I am also deeply involved in Cosmetology School three evenings a week and Saturdays while continuing to teach full time. I am busy but happily so because I feel that I am not simply dreaming of changes but being the “game changer” in making such life alterations.
Back to the Inspurbation. If your mind pure and your libido average then you probably have not come to what the definition of Inspurbation is. In any case, I will walk you through it; fear not, I will keep my hands to myself. During these recent times of stress and life change, I often look outside of myself for good examples of people with drive, character and passion. These people become my inspiration. That makes up one portion of the Inspurbation. These people seem to have an innate ability to make positive, fearless change and never notice how their lives affect the people around them in the most genuine of ways. They are my inspirational porn. They are the pros.
Many of the moments that I reach out to these inspirational people and their expertise and bravery is when I am alone, making this a solo mission. This is where the second part of the word originates. Ah yes, the Urbation. It is almost when I sit and marinate in the success of others, and I know that I can have those feelings too.
So, my working definition of Inspurbation is the watching and enjoyment of the inspiration of others when you are alone and using it to please and drive yourself.

We all have our own inspurbation tastes but below are a few of what I call, my Inspurbation Heavyweights:
-The guy who comes home from a full day of work, cares for the apartment and dogs and stays up late writing and reading comics. He is constantly praising others with the same dream and will take any opportunity to drag boxes of his work to a convention because more important than being “found” is that someone else with the same dream of being a writer likes his work as much as he enjoys writing it.

-A friend who revels in the chance to fitness train people willing to work hard after he has worked a full day. He is without fitness judgment and full of information and drive. Puts his daughter to bed and learns as well as teaches others how to reach past their physical boundaries. Willing to drag his family out to a field to kick tries, falling on his arse, because that is just what you do when someone poses a challenge to you, you try and then keep trying until you can do it better.
-All the people who make livings doing things that others could but just don’t.
-The people who work and raise families and still drag themselves to night school because they want to learn better and be better. They have been harboring their career fantasies for too long and now are taking action and acting out in their own inspurbations.

Now tell me that you did not get all hot and heavy reading about these professional inspurbaters.