Monday, February 21, 2011

Controlling Eyeshadow Dropdown

Controlling Eyeshadow Dropdown
Eyeshadow is a fantastic part of a makeup routine. It does not come without its annoyances. One of these shadow setbacks is dropdown. It is simply when the shadow drops from application and lands on other parts of your face, usually under your eyes making you look like you have been socked in the face depending on the shadow color.
There are three different ways to deal with dropdown.
1.Babywipes or oilfree makeup remover pads. Just do your eyes and use them to clean up the drop down. This works well for lighter shadows but loose pigments or darker colors will smear and take a tad more cleaning and wiping.
2. Wait to do your foundation and powder after your eyes are done, first use puffy brush to swipe away excess dropdown and apply foundation.
3. Before applying eyeshadow use a highlighting foundation and coat under your eyes and on your cheekbones, apply the shadow and then wipe away and blend the left over foundation.
Any of these methods to get rid of dropdown will work fine and fix a common but simple righted makeup problem.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I will do anything to lose weight, except what I have to do to lose weight!

I know that you Dollfaces come here to read about beauty and catch some tips on makeup. I also know that you have been more than supportive in the other advancements that I have been attempting in my life. I feel obligated to invite you into another, more personal part of myself, like it or not.
I have always been a person who struggles with her weight. Since childhood I have been in this battle, not only for myself but my family and sometimes what feels like scores of other ladies who are in the same fight. I am not blind to the connection to my weight issues and my extreme drive to make women feel their best through makeup and cosmetology. I believe that feeling good is the desired end result of all that we should strive to do. Having other people tell us we look good is not enough to make the cut either; we need to feel it for ourselves.
Recently, I became open to the idea that I wanted to be strong, not thin and it had changed my entire self view. I have always been interested and involved in fitness, I am built kinda like a brick house, “old stock and good for farm work” as my grandfather would say, just what a young lady wants to hear. I hated my strength and wanted dainty, flowing features, but just was very Ogre like instead. My way to battle my genetics was a hearty eating disorder. Eating about 300 calories a day and you guessed it, still staying fat! At one point I was pushing 240 at 16 years old. From then it was the up and down weight seesaw through my twenties.
As I got older I tried so many things that my coworkers would joke about what the eating plan of the week was. I was depleted and tired. I was tired of the fight but did not give up. I was working out with a trainer friend who tapped into the athletic competition that always festered within. He never once judged me unless it was to tell me that I was not eating enough and to cut the crap or he would not work out with me anymore. When he suggested I take Body By Vi shakes it was to supplement the lack in protein I was experiencing as a vegetarian. Within the first week, I had elevated energy and could work out more intensely while working and going to night school, making for 15 hour days. I no longer worried about food obsessively and started to save money by taking shakes to class. I never felt deprived or like a social pariah because you can still eat healthy snacks and a hearty meal so eating out or with friends is no sweat.
I did not tell anyone what I was doing at first because I frankly did not want to hear their shit about it. Within two weeks, people began to comment about how much slimmer I was getting and how much more toned my legs were. I was in awe because my workouts had not changed so it must have been the Body By Vi Challenge. I am beginning month two and am now down from a dress size 16 to a small 12 right now. I am not done yet, I am just inviting you and others to join me. The biggest change thus far cannot be seen, this is why I feel the need to write this because it is in how I feel, not look. I feel as if yes, I can be on this program forever, it is as natural as my taking vitamins daily or an after gym protein shake to revive and replenish my body. The shakes taste good, it is easy and everyone deserves to give themselves this chance, three months to change it all!
I feel good about the fact that I finally would do anything to lose weight, so much that I did exactly what it takes to lose weight and embrace that strong is hot, healthy is hot, feeling good about how you feel and look is hot.
If you want to make a fitness change too check out my site or email me, samples await.