Monday, February 21, 2011

Controlling Eyeshadow Dropdown

Controlling Eyeshadow Dropdown
Eyeshadow is a fantastic part of a makeup routine. It does not come without its annoyances. One of these shadow setbacks is dropdown. It is simply when the shadow drops from application and lands on other parts of your face, usually under your eyes making you look like you have been socked in the face depending on the shadow color.
There are three different ways to deal with dropdown.
1.Babywipes or oilfree makeup remover pads. Just do your eyes and use them to clean up the drop down. This works well for lighter shadows but loose pigments or darker colors will smear and take a tad more cleaning and wiping.
2. Wait to do your foundation and powder after your eyes are done, first use puffy brush to swipe away excess dropdown and apply foundation.
3. Before applying eyeshadow use a highlighting foundation and coat under your eyes and on your cheekbones, apply the shadow and then wipe away and blend the left over foundation.
Any of these methods to get rid of dropdown will work fine and fix a common but simple righted makeup problem.

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