Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Metallic Eyes

Metallic colors often come in loose pigment form and reflect light, to create depth, use metallic shades and then matte shades to contour.
Many times the application of metallic loose pigments can be tricky because they cause lots of dropdown, shadow that has fallen during application and lands on other parts of the face. This dropdown tends to smear when wiped away.
The secret to success with loose metallic pigments is
1.Put some of the powder from its container onto a flat surface and press your eyeshadow brush into the pigment, not wipe it but press it.
2.Then, shake off some excess.
3.When applying it on lids, always prep lids with a shadow base and press to apply, not swipe only the lids.
4. Once some pigment is on the lids you can blend with a clean , dry brush.
Metallic loose pigments will take some playing with as well as getting used to, don’t be afraid of them. Remember, it will wash off if you do not like the results.

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