Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban Decay, I dig your porno makeup names, even when they disgust me

I had always hoped that my makeup hoarding and opinions about products would come in handy and now as I have you as a semi-captive reader of my blog, you may be subjected to both. I thought that, for you fellow makeup enthusiasts, some reviews may be of use. I as well intend on adding a few rad tutorial videos of certain looks in the near future, once I secure my makeup victims.

Urban Decay, I dig your porno makeup names, even when they disgust me. Roach, Sin, Naked and Creep to name a few. I cannot tell you how unique it is that I have had this "Naked" Palette for a week and I still giggle when I open it and peek at the naughty names. This is indeed not my first Palette from Urban Decay and it will not be the last.

The most frustrating part of this palette was that it was not to be found in any Sephora in the tri-state when I wished to requite it. After a short waiting period and shipping, it arrived in all it's glory.It came with a mini bottle of Primer Potion and a half Whiskey and Zero eyeliner pencil, I wish they were liquid but that is just a personal preference. I know that as a MUA I am supposed to love eyeshadow primer but I have never been of "camp primer", my foundation/concealer has done fine for me but I can see someone with oilier skin using one.

The palette colors are fantastic, they range from Virgin and Sin, what make fantastic under brow highlight colors, to taupe colors like Sidecar, Buck and Smog as well as great smoke out colors like Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal. I am down with this Palette because it can take you from day to evening and it will also be a great compliment to the Book of Shadow Palette that i got a few years ago. There is only one repeat in the two palettes and that is Sidecar so I do not mind. Urban Decay you may have made a brown lover out of me just in time for fall. It is also a treat that not all of the colors are shimmer or glitter, some are a smooth matte consistency so you may mix finishes.

So, give it a try and I cannot wait to see you getting

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Future Mrs. R'Vera

It is currently four months until I walk down, well there is no isle, till I get hitched. The plans are being made and so far so good. All the important things are here for a fantastic union, trust, love, common interests, future goals, goofy quirks. We have family and friend support etc., etc.

Yesterday we assembled the invitations and since there are two separate events going to occur on Nov.20th, there are two sets of invites. As Dan filled out those little pre-slugged spaces for our names, I burst into tears. It was weird and uncontrolled. I was suddenly just leaking. I saw the worry in his face for he is aware that I have been a runaway bride once before. As much as I tried to explain that the leaking was caused by the disbelief that I will be with such a kind and awesome man, I know he knew I was fibbing.

Truth is, I like my last name. I am not taking a feminist stand of any sort about ownership and all that jazz. One peep into our lives and you would know that there is no machismo in our home just he being him and me being me.

I just like the fact that I have two capitals and an apostrophe in my long standing but soon to be maiden name, D'Angelo. I love it! I love how people spell it wrong and how credit cards deny my apostrophe. How the students call me Ms.D out of laziness and how they ask me what the D stands for as if it was an initial out of their sheer doopyness. I love that on a trip to Italy my father insisted on posing for multiple pics with a photo of a menu from a Cafe D'Angelo. It is a very fun last name. My reasons for missing it's leaving are all lighthearted, I mean I have two nephews who will, most likely, carry on the namesake.

On the other end of this story is my future name, that probably does not even want to be near my first name after I have shunned it above. Rivera. It is a wonderful name. I am proud to be a part of the Rivera family. I mean it is the ethnic flair that I have been searching for my whole life. It speaks of Salsa dancing and table moving fun, of good Puerto Rican foods and people. By the way, it lies because my fiance refuses to Salsa with me or move the coffee table to dance and eats only white rice and no beans. Still, Rivera, it speaks of hot breezes and mango.

My idea to rectify my situation is to morph the two last names in writing not speech. The apostrophe taking place of the "i" in Rivera would work fine because it sounds of "re". The capital letters will be at home spooning the apostrophe quite nicely in this situation. So, R'Vera it shall be. All in all I will just be a proud R'Vera and roll in the excitement when people see my name and expect a long haired bronze, JLo goddess and instead my pale, no ass, purple haired self shows up. Ahhhh the future is looking good.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No, I do not want to cash your brother from East Coslopus' check!

The quest for viable advertisement for my Makeup business continues. I have even taken to watching Madmen for inspiration, that is a blatant lie, I watch Madmen because I am in love with Joan. That being said, I have for the moment, swore off Craig's List. How I can post an innocent advertisement for makeup services and receive nothing but Spam? It both horrifies my empty work bank account and intrigues me to read these ill created and in broken English pleas to totally screw me. "No, I do not want to cash your brother from East Coslopus' check for 12,000 bucks and take half." First of all, ummmm, why would I? People who are honest do not often offer you money for nothing, nor would anyone who I wanna interact with even trust a stranger to cash their invisible check. Thirdly, how cute and insane that you would think that I even have that amount in my account to cover cashing that large of a check. If I indeed did, wouldn't I simply PAY FOR ADVERTISEMENT INSTEAD OF POSTING ON CRAIG'S LIST? I wanna meet the sober or non sober person who falls for these scams, somebody must or they would not be so often and many.