Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pin Up Cat Eye Makeup

Pin Up Cat Eye Makeup
I rock a cat eye every single day. No matter my plans or outfit, without a doubt I will always have a liquid eyeliner created cat eye. I wear it with a smokey eye, a metallic eye, nude eye, probably even if I got a black eye. It is just what I am most comfortable in and I believe it enhances the feature that I enjoy the most about my face, my eyes. In addition, since I also wear false eyelashes daily, it is a easy and fashionable way to disguise lash seams and glue blunders too. What first attracted me to the cat eyed look was my love for Burlesque and all things pinup culture.
The cat eyed liner look is a classic that took off in the 50’s and evolved to a thicker and more winged look in the 60’s. Feel free to use a gel pot liner if you are not a fan of liquid liners. For a classic pin up look, pair the cat eye with the Snow Day Eye Shadow and the Red Lip tutorials. Play and pair the cat eye with any of the eye shadow looks that I have featured or your own everyday look.
Gel eyepot in black any brand, MAC, L’Oreal have gel pots.
Angled eyeliner brush. The angled, stiff edged brushes will make application easier.
Liquid eyeliner-I like the Stella water proof eye pen but you can also use the liquid ones like Urban Decay that are liquid pots that include brushes also.
1. Apply the eye shadow look that you are paring with the cat eye.
2. Placing your clean fingertip on the outer corner of your eye, pull in taut in order to smoothly drag the liner from the innermost corner of the eye all along the lashline.
3. Go back over the line as many times as you need to establish the line thickness.
4. The size of the winged out portion of the eye-lining is up to you Try it short, extend it long, take some chances and see what you like.

I have found that eyeliner changes and pulls together any look. From Brides to showgirls, slick black eyeliner is a great finishing touch and brightens the eye, turning ho, hum makeup into a cohesive look.

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