Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salon Effects by Sally Hansen Review

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
I hate getting my nails done. I love the result but even when I find the time I hate the process. When I do manage to get myself into the chair, I will leave before I am completely dry and smudge it before leaving the salon and be too lazy to get them retouched.
I will try anything to avoid the manicure lady who is without a doubt talking about me attempting to scratch my back on the chair to avoid the smudging that will occur when I try to open the apartment door anyway.
I saw an ad for Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips and I jumped at the chance to try them. They promise to stay on for up to ten days and nobody can doubt the cool patterns and tempting idea of how easy they are.
To test their claim at simplicity and sticking power, I decided to put them on in my car while waiting for my Beauty School class. So, I popped open the box and went at them. The rules are simple to follow, peel, stick, press and file. I advise you cut and not file because filing tended to rip them. As time went on after application began to see that as I texted my life away as always, the tips of the nail strips started to peel. This annoyed me just as much as smudging wet polish would.
As the evening progressed I fielded about five comments from fellow beauty school students about how good my nails looked and questions about how I got the patterns to look like that. I then decided that maybe the eye catching quality of the strips may outweigh the annoyances that come with them.
When I returned home that evening I threw some clear polish over my nails in hopes that it would work as an adhesive. I am four days into the strips and there has been some more minimal peeling. All in all is it worth the ten bucks? Not as a regular option, no. In a pinch, maybe. I think that a $7.00 manicure with a two dollar tip and some hard core chip proof clear polish over it is a better bet. However if you want a cool pattern for a few days, go for it but do not think that yours will last the “up to ten days” that is mentioned on the packaging. Mine is a day away from peel town and I do minimal housework, although I do work a lot with my hands in cosmetology, this week I have not had my hands saturated in much water besides showering. If you are a person who cares more about the state of their apartment, these strips do not stand a chance against cleaning hands.
I like the idea Sally Hansen, I so want it to work, maybe next generation of Salon Effects will prove more success.

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