Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brow Beating

Pluck, pluck, wax, thread, pluck. Before you know it you are staring into your bathroom window wondering why there are two commas where your eyebrows used to be. I have fallen victim to the over plucking craze since teenhood and have not had much luck returning back to my bushier brows. The problem is that thicker, healthy looking brows make a face look thinner and younger. Damn, my old brows could have acted like a face girdle and I plucked them off? Blasted tweezers!
As always, cosmetic companies have come to my thin browed rescue as sweat runs into my eyes with no brows to catch it. So, fill’em in ladies.It makes a real difference to your look, it frames the face and when done correctly can look very natural and like you grew them yourself.
A brow powder that is close to your hair color. These brow powders often come with a few colors to mix for your desired shade and my favorite come with both a waxy product and powdery one. I recommend that if you have dark hair, go with a dark brown and only go with a black color if you have black hair or are looking for mega drama.(ELF has one for a buck)
A slanted brush with stiff bristles
If you are not sure that of what shape you would like to transform your brows to, beauty supply stores and some drug stores sell stencils of brow shapes but for most people, following your brows natural arch will be the best option.
The best advice that can be given about filling in one’s brows is to use short strokes.

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